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We welcome everyone to join our Pensacola Navy League and participate in our Council Events.  Many of our activities offer both member and non-member prices. The non-member price option is for those not yet ready to join but interested to see what the Navy League is all about.  Additionally Membership in the Pensacola Navy League offers perks to our members as a function of their level of membership. Examples of such perks include; invitations to free events, discounted tickets to special events, recognition, and more.

In order to join and participate in the local Pensacola Navy League, membership with Navy League National is a prerequisite.   The categories of membership in the Pensacola Navy League are listed under "Types of Memberships."

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Regular Member – Any citizen of the United States desiring to support and advance the objective and purpose of the Navy League shall be eligible as a Regular Member.  Active Duty members of any branch of the armed service persons are not eligible for membership while on active duty.  Reservists are eligible for membership, but while on active duty are not eligible to vote or hold a Navy League office.

Honorary Member – Any outstanding person who has shown and expressed unusual interest in this Council and who has made significant accomplishments at local, regional, or national level of the Navy League shall be eligible for Honorary Membership upon unanimous approval of Council Members present at a regular monthly meeting.  No dues shall be assessed against such Honorary Members. Honorary Members are privileged to take part in all social activities of the Council but shall not be eligible to vote or hold regular office in the Council.

Associate Member – Non- citizens may be Associate Members provided that they are proposed by a Council and not by an individual. An Associate Member shall be entitled to vote and hold office at the Council level, with the exception of serving as Council President. Current annual dues structure applies.

Guest Member – National Members who are not dues paying Local Members shall be designated as Guest Members.  These members will receive invitations to local events but charged a higher cost than Regular Members.  Guest Members shall also be eligible to receive the Bullhorn Newsletter via e-mail.

Spouse of Active Duty Personnel – Active Duty Spouses are eligible for membership at a reduced rate; however, they may neither vote nor hold office.

Community Affiliate Membership – Community Affiliate Membership is designed for companies whose business is primarily local rather than national in orientation, whose primary interest is in the activities and concerns of the local Council and desire to support and advance the mission and objectives of the Navy League. During each year of membership, a Community Affiliate Member may designate up to four (4) Regular Members, provided such Members are otherwise qualified.  Designated members enjoy all the privileges of individual Membership including the right to vote and hold office.

Members in Good Standing - Members whose dues are current shall be considered Members in Good Standing, and shall have all resulting rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote and to serve as Council Officers and /or on the Council Board of Directors.

General - Each applicant for membership shall be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  Upon approval, the Executive Secretary will provide the National Headquarters with appropriate documentation and national dues, if appropriate



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Mandatory Membership Dues

Member Category Dues Breakdown Sub total
Individual - 1 year membership Local $50.00 + National $55.00 $105.00
Individual - 2 year membership Local $100.00 + National $100.00 $200.00
Individual - 3 year membership Local $150.00 + National $130.00 $280.00
Local Only – National Life Members* Local $50.00  EACH[National is Paid] $50.00 ea
E-membership – only electronic version of Sea Power monthly Local $50.00 + National $25.00 $ 75.00


Optional - Admirals Club
Admirals Club - $60.00 individual 1 year membership per person: $60.00

You may also make an optional donation.


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